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Drunken Dwarf Designs

LARP Weapons and Armor. 

If your LARP costume needs a dangerous-looking dagger or an awesome throwing axe, we have them for you!  If it is an Angry Pixie cosplay or a Mad Max-style LARP dagger with a flexible tip core that won’t crumble and damage the blade during live action role play, we have it!

All of our LARP weapons features a rigid central core with a foam or latex outer shell, shaped and painted to look like a real sword or weapon. Our LARP swords and latex weapons are made of dense foam or latex that is coated with a paint that is resistant to chipping and make great costume accessories. Kids will have a blast with our LARP weapons built for semi rugged use and we even carry Larp shields to protect them from their friends! For costume ideas and accessories, please be sure to check out our Medieval Clothing.

We will make your LARP Armor and Weapons for you.  We can not guarantee that our weapons will be accepted in all LARPs. If a weapon is refused at the homologation of a LARP, contact us with details and contact information of the LARP and the reason why the weapon was rejected. We will take the necessary steps with the representatives.

Commission Miniature Painting Services

We Provide high quality commission miniature painting at reasonable prices. I specialize in single models and armies for RPG, Tabletop Fantasy and Science Fiction games. I will be updating with work in progress (WIP) of commission pieces and of my own models. Our miniature painting services is for table top gaming (single characters, NPC’s, armies, and terrain), collector display, and dioramas all done at reasonable prices.

Tell us what you want painted and your vision and we will work with you every step of the way. With regular updates including high quality photos of your miniatures during the process, you will never have to worry about being mislead. Don’t like our choice of color on a cloak? No problem! Let us know if there is something you would like to change and we will fix it. Quotes are given on a case by case basis

Terrain and Gaming pieces

Terrain and gaming pieces inspired by Drunken Dwarfs and games we play. I am a licensed distributor for Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture, Inc. All items are made using 18,000 psi dental stone and are created using a vibration table to help reduce bubbles. Each piece is hand painted and crafted, so you can expect there to be minor differences in the coloring and texture.

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons or any other miniatures or role playing game.

Our Commissions

Currently we accept commissions. Year by year we grow in numbers, increase quality and the range of our services. This constant growth is achieved by the trust of our clients, who satisfied with the quality of our service are returning to place more orders. With each and every order we try to surprise and amaze them with the results! (unless they want no surprises).

  • Due to my limited painting time, I prefer smaller projects. If you really want me to paint an army, please be willing to break it down into smaller jobs of 10-15 models each.
  • The prices I quote will be in US Dollars. I use PayPal for all my transaction. It protects both of us.
  • I will require a deposit to begin any work. This can vary by project, but is typically 50% of the cost of Labor (painting, assembly, etc) plus 100% of the cost of Goods (covering any Miniatures or Bits I may need to source).
  • If you’re supplying your own miniatures, I prefer them un-assembled and un-based. If I find a mini has been assembled poorly, I may elect to disassemble it and prep the mini before re-assembly. If a supplied model has already been painted, I will strip paint from it as best as possible for a nominal fee.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.